Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Department

of Odesa National University of Technology, is a leader in training high quality refrigeration specialists in Ukraine.

Perennial experience, own laboratory facilities, highly skilled specialists and the administration are the key to quality and modern engineering education.


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Head of Department's Word

Head of Department's Word

Dear entrants and students!

The Department of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is one of the oldest structural divisions of the Odesa National University of Technology Faculty of Low Temperature Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and has accumulated a wealth of teaching and research experience during its existence. Thanks to this, our department has the opportunity to constantly develop, providing high quality of training of graduates.

Our profession will be of interest to anyone who wants to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of refrigeration. Its importance is increasing day by day with the increasing needs of the population for quality and fresh products.

If you want to study with pleasure and get a profession that brings joy from your future work - we are waiting for you!

Our specializations

At the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Department you have the opportunity to receive education in the following specializations

Our [specializations]

Refrigeration machines and installations

Areas of activity of refrigeration specialists are determined by the branches of production and science of our country, which use artificial cold. There are a large number of such industries in modern society, because artificial cold is a necessary component in almost all spheres of life of the country. These are industrial refrigerators of various purposes, ships of the naval (river) fleet, fishing vessels, refrigeration engineering companies, design and research institutions, defense and space companies, supermarkets, etc. It should be emphasized that Ukraine has a sufficiently strong and developed refrigeration economy. In addition, the University is the only university in Ukraine to train top-level refrigerators for decades. All this guarantees to refrigeration specialists reliable employment.

Marine refrigeration systems and air conditioning

One of the main areas of work of graduates who have received education in this specialization is to provide comfortable climatic conditions both at industrial enterprises and for household needs on land and on ships.


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